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Xtramail is Not Working

There can be various reasons why Xtramail email service is not working. Here we mention some common reasons why Xtramail might not be working. They are as follows:

  • The users can’t access to their Xtramail account if their internet connection is not working properly.
  • There might be maintenance or technical issues which result in service outages. The user won’t be able to access their Xtramail account until the issue is resolved. Check for the announcement within the official website or social media platforms.
  • If the users are using incorrect login details it will prevent users from accessing their emails.
  • If the Xtramail inbox is filled with too many emails and reached its storage limit, the users won’t be able to receive new emails until some space is freed up.   
  • When the users save the files from different websites then it could impact the web browser, resulting error in the Xtramail.
  • If the user’s device is old then there can be compatibility issues while accessing to Xtramail account. The old device may not support modern email protocols or security measures.
  • The users have to make sure that their Xtramail is not suspended or deactivated. If the account is suspended or deactivated the users cannot access to their Xtramail account.
  • The misconfiguration within the client email setting can lead to errors accessing to Xtramail account.

Resolve issues if Xtramail is not working

  • The users have to ensure that they are using a reliable and proper internet connection.
  • If there are outage issues within the server the users have to wait until the technical team fixes the problem.
  • The users have to doublecheck while entering their Username and password for their Xtramail account. 
  • The users have to delete unwanted emails or archive them and free some space to receive a new email.
  • The users have to clear cache and cookies if they are accessing Xtramail through a web browser. To check if the issue is within the web browser, then the users can try using a different web browser.
  • The users have to ensure that they are using the latest device that is compatible with the Xtramail account service.
  • The users have to check the terms and conditions of Xtramail, if any of the emails are related to a violation of terms then the Xtramail account will be suspended. To resolve this issue contact Xtramail support for assistance.
  • The users are required to check and configure the accurate incoming and outgoing server settings. The users can contact and consult with the Xtramail tech support for accurate configuration settings.

By following the above-resolving action the users could fix if their Xtramail is not working. Otherwise, to get alternate options to resolve the issues contact Xtramail customer care for guidance.

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