Send Receive Email Problem in XtraMail

Suppose your company’s boss has told you to compose an email to send to the most important client and then wait for the response, and you suddenly find that your email is not sending and receiving any mail. What will be your action after finding such an issue? Especially when you are an XtraMail u user and don’t know how to fix the sending and receiving email error in XtraMail, you need to search over the world wide web. However, we have created this informative blog so that every Spark mail user can get the troubleshooting steps for the receiving & sending fault in XtraMail; please have a look and then try it the same as mentioned here: – 

A mail that wants to land at the recipient’s mail address must complete the criteria mentioned in all email configurations and standards.  Here is a quick sneak peek of the mail that will be going to land on your XtraMail box

The initial point is that the mail has to depart from the sender’s mail server and reach the recipient’s mail server. After that, the recipients, such as your mail server, will process the mail and determine whether the mail is genuine, secure, or valid. If everything is correct, it will appear in your inbox, and you have received the email. But what happens when your XtraMail is not receiving and sending emails? Let us know what can happen for these reasons and their potential solutions: –

Inadequate Mail Storage Space: XtraMail provides 1 TB of storage space for a single mailbox. If you have exceeded that storage space, you may not be able to receive or send emails. Either you have to remove undesirable emails from your mailbox to free up space, or you can buy additional storage by paying specific charges. Once you have sufficient storage, you might not face such sending and receiving mail errors. 

Internet Connection Problem: You must have active, high-speed, and uninterrupted internet connectivity to ensure that each email lands in your mailbox, or you can send the email to another email address. An internet connection with interruption and slow speed cannot help process your email. So, ensure your internet is at high speed with the necessary downloading and uploading bandwidth. Moreover, you can check the proper wiring and connection in your place by checking the Wi-Fi connection and LAN cable (if applicable). It is also better to get the information from your internet service provider and ask him to rectify the internet issue.

Disarranged Email Server Settings: Your email incoming and outgoing servers must be filled so that you can use webmail. If your webmail has inaccurate mail server settings, then you cannot perform sending and receiving activities. Moreover, check if you have enabled any mail forwarding feature that is obstructing email reception and sending. Please turn off such settings that interrupt email processing. 

Mails Are Delaying: The location, mail server, and internet connection of the server can affect mail processing, and it can be delayed. The email has to go through across the globe, wandering from one server to another. Usually, such a process is consistent, but sometimes, the server problem, location of the sender, and weak internet can delay the mail. 

The Sender Might Be on Your Blacklist: Maybe you have kept the sender on the blocklist, which is why you may not receive the mail. So, unblock the sender; the sender will mail you the next time, and you will receive the mail. 

You Have Activated Spam Filter: Due to advanced security features, many mail service providers give spam filter options. In this feature, XtraMail usually considers unknown senders as spam for security purposes. They never allow any messages, notifications, or content that looks dubious and spammy. So, don’t worry if such emails are coming into the spam filter because such explicit emails can harm you and misuse your account. 


Our suggestion to every user is that they can try the hacks explained in the above segment. But in case all these actions fail to solve the sending and receiving mail error, then they can switch to the XtraMail Customer Support Number for more proactive actions and troubleshooting;

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