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Xtra webmail is a byproduct of Spark company, which is the foremost telecommunication company in New Zealand. Xtra’s brand name was known for its excellent internet and dial-up services. The brand began in the year 1996, but at the end of 2008, it was closed, and Holding company Spark made Xtra webmail a significant subsidiary of its business. Xtra is way ahead of its competitors because it gives 1000 GB of storage and easy accessibility on all devices. The parent organization Spark started ADSL services in the year 1999. The former name of Spark was Telecom and it was the only sole provider of ADSL at that time. But after sometimes, it has permitted other Internet service providers to use its ADSL services.
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Despite having so many features and an excellent web interface, Xtra Mail is also not excluded from the problems and technical inconsistencies. Such operational issues, users have the best choice to speak with the Xtra Mail customer service number. The official helpdesk of the Xtra mail is capable of troubleshooting the error: –

  • In case the users cannot sign in to the Xtra email account, you will get guidance from the team, and they will be able to help you in clearing the faults. 
  • When your Xtra mail is not working, such as being unable to send or receive mail, then you must attempt some magnificent actions to rectify such issues. 
  • Users can also download email, use the website and get the instructions through the help desk guidance.
  • Sometimes, many problems in the mail cannot be troubleshoot by simple actions, so there is a need to connect with the customer care department. 
  • Some users don’t know how to synchronize the email on different devices, email clients and web browsers, then communicating with Xtra mail customer support is always a good move. 

One thing is confirmed: if mail users speak with the helpdesk, then they will get permanent remedies for all types of errors they meet while using email. 

While having a great user interface and tech-savvy features, Xtra email is the most favoured email service in Singapore. However, technical fault coming to the path of the email is not a surprising incident. It will happen when there is the aspect of technology in it. But don’t worry when there is a devoted technical team to look after such issues and solve themes accordingly. Among many email issues, there is an Xtra not receiving or sending an email problem is common. Please understand about this issue and its possible remedies.

This section will display the troubleshooting the common mail errors. Undoubtedly, Xtra Mail is a premier mail service in New Zealand. Users meet with different types of operational faults, and it is necessary to address such fault lines. The next segment is devoted to providing the solution for Xtra Email Not Receiving and sending an email.
The email not receiving or sending emails is a basic problem that has various solutions. We have collected some of the magnificent tricks and actions that lead to the clearing out the such errors: –
Uninstall Out of Date Web Browser and Install a New One: The internet browser has a significant contribution in loading and processing websites and emails. So, the browser needs to be updated always because of out of out-of-mode browser cannot support the new website; therefore, please update the browser, and maybe it will solve the email unable to receive or send emails.

  • Remove all Cookies and Cache Of The Internet Browser: while opening any website on the browser, it saves information such as cookies and caches. Such caches and cookies stored in the website cannot process the new information. Email not receiving problems may happen because of stored cookies and caches. So, remove them from the browser and see whether it works or not.

  • Rectify the Email Server Configuration: inaccurate email server configuration cannot let your email function properly. When you have appropriate email server settings, it will not process simple operations such as sending and receiving messages. Therefore, please submit the correct email server settings with the help of the official website and customer care helpline number.

  • Erase Undesirable Email and Empty the Storage: it may be possible that you have surpassed the upper cap of the storage of the email. An email that is filled with undesirable emails, data, photos, videos and other data needs to be managed or deleted to free up the services. Filled spaces of the email will prevent its operation, such as sending and receiving emails.

  • Check email forwarding option is activated: The email forwarding option by the user cannot let them send or receive the mails from the Xtra mail. Hence, please disable the forwarding option and see if it works

  • Find Out About the Server Down Issue: if the email server is down, then you may not do much because it is a technical issue. It is better to get updates from the official website and customer service helpline. The customer care department will tell you the exact time of the email resuming its operation. When the server down problem is eliminated, then you can use the mail uninterruptedly.
Every activity we have given here can help in troubleshooting the email not receiving mail error. However, users will get precise support and guidelines from the professional Xtra helpline number. The committed group of experts will support in handling and rectifying all such issues.
If you wonder why there is a requirement to connect with the Xtra mail helpline number, then we should know the logic behind it: –

  • The customer care department gives immediate support and help to all users through email, phone and remote assistance.
  • Users can get solutions for all types of errors, such as email not working, password reset, email login not working and many more.
  • The customer care department of Xtra Mail is feasible, supportive and reasonable when it comes to making payments for any technical inconsistencies.
  • The Xtra mail customer service team aids round the clock, and you can connect with them.
  • The customer care department has accomplished and veteran professionals with extreme technical specialties that render in solving the issues.
  • Often, it seems that problems coming to the mail are simple to rectify, but that is not the case. So, in that condition, the helpdesk department has a significant contribution to understanding the problem and solving it as per the cause of the issue.
  • A novice and unprofessional person cannot do the work for your technical problem. You need a live representative who has proper experience or handling and rectifying such mail issues. Such a group of experts will be seen in the customer care department.
Xtra Mail is unquestionably a famous email service that works under Spark company (a leading telecom company based in New Zealand). Users will get the 1000 GB storage in the mail. Plenty of perks are there in the Xtra mail. However, if you encounter any errors and faults during the usage of the email, then you should implement the solutions according to the official website guidelines. The company has official people working on the technical malfunctions. The practised and veteran live representatives understand the mechanism of the mail, and they provide troubleshooting guidance based on the issue and its intensity. Therefore, we suggest every Xtra mail user to have a conversation with Xtra mail support phone number for better communication and resolution.