Reset Your XtraMail Username or Email Password

How Do You Reset Your XtraMail Username or Email Password?

XtraMail, as we all know, is the foremost telecom and internet service provider company based in New Zealand. The main company that handles and provides the XtraMail service is Spark Telecom. The company was established in 1996 and has been working as a reputed and robust internet service provider since its inception. Moreover, it started its ADSL services in 1999, a great corporate move. XtraMail is another revolutionary email service that has already made a splendid impression among users. During the mail usage, every user goes through different technical hurdles. Some hurdles are related to the mail operating system; some are associated with server-centric issues. Today, we will discuss the highly recurring error that every webmail user has met while using the webmail services, password, or username reset. 

The password reset process depends on the situation that a user is meeting. There are probably two situations. The first situation is when the user knows the password but wants to change or reset it for different security reasons. This method is very simple because it requires no complication and a long action plan. The second situation is critical. However, that doesn’t mean that users cannot reset the password if they forget the password. So, we will try to give the action plane for XtraMail password reset on both conditions: –

When Remember your XtraMail Password

  • Load the authorized sign-page of the webmail into the latest version of the internet browser you use on your computer or other device. 
  • When the webmail login page opens, you must go to the My Account Section at the top of the right side. 
  • Go to the tab that says “Change password and manage security.”
  • After that, you have to select the Password and Security section. 
  • Go to the password box and submit the existing password you are using.
  • After that, you have to write the new password you want to keep for your account.
  • Write the new password again to confirm it.
  • The final step finishes by pressing the SAVE option.

After that, you can check by signing in to the webmail with a newly made password. The account will be successfully processed, and you can now send and receive the mail without interruption. Hence, your XtraMail password has been reset magnificently.

If You Have Lost Or Cannot Recall Your XtraMail Password 

  • Do not stop yourself from using your web browser and type the valid login page of the webmail
  • On the sign-in landing page, you will see the choice that says “Forgot Your Password” Or “Cannot login”
  • Please give your valid email address on the given box
  • After that, you have to authenticate your identity, and it is essential for security reasons
  • Whether you have to provide the recovery email ID or phone number that has been linked to your webmail account
  • Click on the SEND option, and you may receive a code that can lead you to reset the password
  • Utilize the code in the right place to reset the password

n case, user detect any issues regarding webmail password reset then they need to speak with live representative at XtraMail Customer Support Number and expect the instant support.


We recommend that users create passwords with a mixture of capital letters, small case letters, numbers, and special signs so that there is less chance for hackers to crack them. Experts say that users should not include a username, birthdate, and even first or last name similar to the email account. Also, avoid sequential numbers or digits such as ABC, XYZ, or 123 in the password because they are easy for cyber attackers to guess.

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